The need for IT professionals to investigate incidents of cyber-breaches promptly and use the right digital forensic procedures has become central given recent global cyber-attack trends. Analysis done through investigations conducted has revealed the challenges IT professionals face in responding to and managing incidents within complex IT environments, especially with complex enterprise systems, integration of third-party applications, cloud computing, mobile devices, and recently with work-from-home regimes which has increased the exposure of IT environments to cyber-attacks. Our digital forensics professionals will in this lab-based training provide practical case study scenarios, best practices, tools, and standard digital forensic techniques to gather digital evidence to ensure forensically ready IT environments.

Course Content

  • Intelligence gathering
  • Surveillance
  • Reconnaissance (RECCE)
  • Digital Examination Processes, Tools & Techniques
  • Critical Observation Techniques
  • Investigations Techniques
  • Fraud Prevention and Investigations
  • Data Mining on Digital Devices
  • Developing Leads in Contact Tracing
  • Report Writing
  • Cyber/Digital Forensics
  • Cyber fraud investigations
  • Data mining and analysis
  • Cyber Crime (Card Fraud)
  • The Use of Informants
  • Environmental Security Threats
  • Extracting & Analysing user Generated Activities (Web browser Analysis & Web Attacks, Emails, USB Activities, etc)
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Criminal Law
  • Digital Examination Processes, Tools & Techniques
  • Case Study
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