Pre-Tertiary, Tertiary, and Professional Education

Tertiary and Professional Education

Tertiary Education

At the tertiary level, we offer specialized programs that delve deeper into the field of security and intelligence. Students gain advanced understanding and practical skills through a well-rounded curriculum. Our tertiary education programs equip students with the necessary tools to succeed in the dynamic landscape of security and intelligence.

 Professional Education

Our professional education programs are tailored for individuals already working in the security and intelligence sectors. These programs offer advanced training and up-to-date knowledge to help professionals keep pace with industry developments. By continuously updating their skills and knowledge, professionals can effectively navigate and contribute to the ever-evolving field of security and intelligence.

Our comprehensive approach ensures a continuous pathway for growth, supporting individuals from the beginning of their educational journey through to advanced professional development. By doing so, we aim to cultivate highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals who can effectively navigate and contribute to the dynamic landscape of security and intelligence.

Specialized Programs

Professional Certificate in Cybersecurity and Ethical Hacking

– Professional Diploma in Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Analysis

– Executive Certification in Prosecutorial Law and Investigation

РProfessional Diploma in Professional Private Investigation 

– Professional Diploma in Corporate Security Management

– Professional Diploma in Cybercrime and Digital Forensics

– Professional Diploma in Operational Intelligence

– Professional Diploma in Financial Intelligence, Ethics and Compliance

– Masters in Security Management and Administration

– Masters in Border Security and Interdiction

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