Doyen Institute

We empower our students to ask insightful questions, explore disciplinary boundaries, and confront conventional ways of thinking. We invite you to learn more about us and discover an education built for you


Our mission is to exceed our clients’ specific and customized security needs by delivering the highest quality of professional training.


We aim to be the most professional leader in the security industry by providing Intelligence, Law Enforcement training and Investigations services in Africa.

We value Quality Partnership, Precision, Integrity, Leadership, Innovation, Personal Growth, Excellence, Practical Approach, and Global Safety

Creativity and innovation to challenge the status quo will affect what and how we teach and the intellectual ambitions of the university itself.

Social engagement should orient students’ academic experiences to help them become critically engaged citizens, dedicated to solving problems.

Doyen Institute’s commitment to student success, important scholarship and creative activity, and public service sets it apart from other institutes.

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