George Dosoo-Doyen

Founder / CEO

Since 2017, Mr. George Dosoo-Doyen has recruited distinguished faculty instructors, and raised security standards within the industry in Africa. This dramatically increased Doyen Institute into a selective top-ranked Security Institute on the continent.

Meet Our Instructors

Richard Kumadoe Fraud & Security Consultant He has over two decades of experience in a spectrum of fields that include: Strategic Security Management, Cyber Fraud-Risk Management, Compliance & Money Laundering | Counter Terrorism Financing, Fraud Prevention, and Detection Strategies, Auditing, Background Check & Crime Investigations, Business Ethics, Due Diligence, Emotional Intelligence, Mentorship, and Strategic Leadership. He has trained and consulted for both private individuals and corporate organizations at all levels across the globe. He has worked as a recruitment consultant, a banker, a personality development consultant, a private investigator, and a corporate due diligence specialist. He also has under his belt, extensive work history with the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI) as an Intelligence Professional. He is currently a visiting lecturer at the Ghana National Banking College, and a consultant to many corporate organizations, law enforcement agencies, financial institutions, security firms, and private individuals, both locally and across the globe. He is a public speaker, a resource person on several platforms, a panel member at various Radio & TV programs, and an author of several newspaper articles, and books.

Richard Kumadoe

Faculty Head – Security Management

Kingsley Amoakwa-Boadu. Esq​

Senior Instructor

Senior Lawyer 

Adib Saani

Senior Instructor

Security Analyst