Enriching your knowledge of safety and security techniques can help you and your staff easily prevent crime.


As a corporate security personnel, your job is to assess security risks, develop internal controls to prevent the theft of equipment or proprietary information, and ensure that employees are safe in the workplace. When security breaches occur, your focus shifts from prevention to investigation and damage control. Enhance your portfolio. Enriching your knowledge of safety and security techniques can help you and your staff easily prevent crime.

Program Learning Outcomes

Demonstrate an understanding of how communication shapes patterns of social interaction, the expression of cultural values and norms, political practices and relations of power, and our positions as local and global citizens.

Be able to use a variety of methodological tools to analyze interpersonal, intercultural, and rhetorical discourse that structures everyday interactions in both our public and private lives.

Demonstrate an understanding of the possibilities, problems, and history of discourse and deliberation in democracy and will be prepared to use their knowledge to work for a just and more humane world.


  • Risk Assessment & Management
  • Critical Observation Techniques
  • Corporate Security Essentials and Management
  • Intelligence Gathering & Information Technology
  • The Security Budgeting and Presenting to Senior Management
  • Conflict Resolution Management
  • Field Challenges and Teamwork
  • Personal and Corporate Safety Techniques
  • Emergency Planning and Crisis Management
  • Intrusion Prevention & Protection
  • Monitoring & Maintenance of Security Infrastructure
  • Fire & Safety Management for Corporate Environment
  • Location Physical Security Test/Audit

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